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10 Video SEO Tips to Improve Ranking

Aberdeen Video ROI report too states that websites using videos can achieve a 4.8% higher conversion rate, compared to a 2.9% average on websites that don’t use videos.

Video Marketing SEO TIps

Source: DigitalNext Explainer Video

Even on television, commercial ads, generally within a span of 30 seconds, convince us that the product is worthy of our money and time (even if it’s not). This directs us to ponder upon the effectiveness of a video. What if the video does not relate to the viewers or is just a video because it has moving images and people?

This is when the SEO game radiates its importance. The SEO is very instrumental in determining the ability to engage and influence the audience. Here’s a list of 10 Video SEO tips that can improve the video ranking drastically:


   As obvious as it may seem, video quality is the most seminal aspect of any video. The video might be very interesting in its approach or might have an appealing content, but if it doesn’t move people, it must move to the trash! The video speaks for the brand- the better its quality, the firmer is it established in the market. To be able to connect with the people, it is very important that its quality should be impressive and eye-catching.


     To improve the video ranking, it is very important to include appropriate and popular keywords that relate with the video. It must be ensured that the keywords are included in the description, tags and the headings. Well-ranked keywords on Google should be looked for. Only those that the browsers are looking for should be included for it’s not creativity that matters here, it is smartness that makes a difference.


 While many consider them as optional, in real market, the tags are really important.  These tags allow the bots to know the category within which the video lies. It takes brainstorming and knowledge of the world to select the tags that are useful and promotional. The tags need not always be the ones that are very popular, but what matters is if they relate to the video or not.


    Creating an XML sitemap for a particular video makes it easier for search engines to locate and index the video, returns SERP results that lead people to watch the video on the website and eventually improves the visual presence of the SERP listing with the addition of a video thumbnail. A sitemap can be created using video Sitemap generators and Google Webmaster Tools.


    Schema is a form of micro data HTML markup that provides additional information and context. Google refers to it as “the recommended way to describe videos on the web”. It is a recommended addition to make the video content utterly optimized and ready to be out on the web and enter the market.


      The video description is the only place where a perfect description of the video can be inserted and made useful. While browsing, people know exactly what they’re looking for and an apt and relatable description gives the video a preference over others in a matter of seconds. The description can include the summary of the video, the highlights of it or just the additional information that directs users to the website concerned.



     One of the first things that the users notice is the video thumbnail. While looking at the thumbnail, they decipher if the video is exactly of the kind they’re looking forward to or not. Thus, the thumbnails might actually, to a large extent, determine whether they’ll open the video or not.  The selection of the thumbnail is therefore, very important. If the video includes tutorial in the form of PowerPoint presentations, then the thumbnail should be one with a PowerPoint image. This also gives users, a true picture of the video content. According to a research ,  the search traffic is doubled if there is a video thumbnail in the search result.

Video thumbnail


     A full video transcript is the written version of the video and it can really boost up the ranking as it tells much more about the video content, to the search engine. The transcription of the audio portion or as it is recommended, the entire video should be added in the transcript which helps the users to gain an insight and overview of the video.

Video transcript

Picture Courtesy: Banen


Hosing self-created videos on other domains such as YouTube, boosts up their popularity, not ours. Even if there is a side link to the website one might want to promote, there are very less chances of people clicking on it after they’ve watched the video because then, it would serve them no purpose. Thus, it is very important that the videos should be uploaded on the website of the creator of the videos so that it becomes popular in relation with the domain.


While it is important that the video should be uploaded on the self-owned domain, it is also beneficial to allow embedding of videos to other sites. This helps gain popularity and higher SEO ranking. This will aware more and more users of the domain of the video-owner and eventually lead to them following it, giving it a hike in its recognition.


These SEO tips can really boost up the ranking if handled and used with a proper knowledge. It should also be kept in mind that these are the technicalities of video sharing which can either make or break the ranking and worth of the video and its associated domain.  



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