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3 Ways to Market Your Explainer Video

Your explainer video helps you in simplifying your brand message so you can effectively reach out to your potential audience. However, if the video is not marketed strategically, your proficiency would remain invisible to prospects that matter to your business.
If you are curious to learn about ways that would help you get the right exposure for your explainer videos, here is what you should do:

1) Leverage YouTube’s Pre-Roll Ads
YouTube is the paradise for video lovers. Deploying your videos over here would subliminally motivate the viewers to gravitate towards your brand. The best way to accomplish this is through YouTube Pre-roll ads. To market your explainer video, use these pre-roll ads as teasers. Bring down your content creation efforts by using a part of your explainer video as the pre-roll ad. Develop the video uniquely and interestingly departing from the way commercials are usually perceived. Also, with a CTA button, you can take the user to the point where he can watch the entire video and understand your business/product in a better way.


Since these ads also help you in targeting audiences based on geography, demography and language preferences, they work well in bringing potential customers to the desired landing page.

Pre Roll Explainer

2) Reach Out Through Email Distributed Newsletters
Monthly newsletter of your brand which gets distributed through emails is an ideal place to embed and market explainer videos. Animoto conducted a research which shows that addition of the word ‘video’ to the email’s subject dramatically improves open and click-through rates by 19% and 65% respectively while reducing unsubscribe rates by 26%. You need to capitalise on this trend. For your explainer videos to command attention, they should be funny, personalised, and must demonstrate the strengths of product in an easily understandable manner.
You can use MailChimp for creating newsletters with integrated explainer videos. Remember, if videos are not compatible with email clients, they would be removed, and an unintelligible code would be shown which may distract users. However, MailChimp overcomes this by providing a thumbnail for embedded video which carries concealed link which would be redirecting user clicks to your video’s URL even if email client disables the video. Images in the email can also be linked to a video hosted on YouTube or other platforms.


3) Get the right exposure through influencers
Influencer marketing helps you get an already engaged audience. To make the most of this opportunity, you can use influencers to market your explainer videos. Locate the right industry influencers through tools like BuzzStream or NinjaOutreach and let them promote your video in their blog content or social profiles.

With the above three proven methods, you can make your explainer videos drive in optimum traffic for your brand’s site. Sit back and enjoy the surge in convertible leads.


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