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5 Reasons How Your Online Accountancy Practice Can Benefit From A Video

“The accounting profession is built on relationships. If someone can see what you’re like and like what they see, they’re more likely to give you a call.”

That was Mark Wickersham, the Group Chief Executive of an association of 300 accountants, talking about the powerful opportunity that video content marketing presents for accountants in this digital age.

Companies are looking for professional accountants like you, but not on TVs or on billboard ads.

If you are still distributing flyers by the neighborhood or looking on newspapers for vacancies, it’s time you stop doing that. Look around. You are in a digital age. A simple Promo Video can help you reach and connect with more clients than flyers and billboard ads ever would.

So, without further ado, let’s talk about the 5 reasons how videos can help your accountancy practice flourish:

    1. Videos Help Accountants Shorten Sales Cycle

Gordons Knight, the winner of the Best Accountancy Awards for three consecutive years, is a prolific video marketer.

This accountancy firm posts videos under the headings – Accounting, Bookkeeping, Marketing, Management, and Boardroom, in their YouTube Channel.

There’s a reason Gordons Knight takes video marketing seriously.

“We’re living in busier times,” says Gordon D’Silva, the managing director of Gordons Knight, “and if I can send on a video to a client to consume at their leisure instead of having a lengthy meeting or call, they’ve already got about 90% of the idea before we speak.” In short, videos help you shorten the sales cycle.

2. Videos Can Help You Increase Your Paycheck

What is it, that separates you from the thousands of other accountants?

The market is full of able accountants.

To get an edge over them and to demand for a higher package from your next business client, there should be something you are doing different than the rest, right?

Video marketing is one such opportunity.

Through videos, you can present yourself as an expert in the accountancy fields, and build your market presence. So when you sit down to discuss business terms with your next client, you will have an ace over your sleeve, and can demand for a higher paycheck.

What’s more, video marketing also builds your credibility and opens door to big clients with big pockets. Think Fortune 500 companies!

Here’s a sample video marketing plan for accountants to get calls from clients:-

      1. Create a 60 second Promo Video, where you introduce yourself and the value you can offer to your target client. Embed it on your homepage and put it on your LinkedIn Profile page to impress clients and recruiters who are evaluating you.
      2. Make Client Testimonial Videos, stating the profit and business value you delivered to each of the client.
      3. Cloud Accounting? Explain what that is in simple words through an Educational Video. Talk about the latest news regarding your accountancy practice. Give your opinion, your ideas and possible solutions on subjects revolving around your accountancy practice.

3. Videos Generate Leads, Followers, and Connections for Future Sales

A survey led by Thomson Reuters and the Association for Accounting Marketing discovered that 63% of the CPA firms consider their websites to be the least effective at generating leads.
If you are in the same shoes, then video content can help you turn the tables.

Statistics tell that having a Promo Video on your homepage can help you convert more of your visitors into your clients, by at least 20% more.

YouTube is also a powerful source for attracting new clients. Because that’s where most people go to ask “how can I save more off my tax” and such other queries.

And, of course, there’s social media as well. You can share your Promo Video and other educational content on Facebook and Twitter to engage and build your audience base.

How to generate leads from your Accountancy Videos?

Step 1- Value: First of all, ensure that your videos are engaging, and useful for your audience. Only then would they want to become your subscribers.  

For instance, you could develop some promotional and educational videos that help answer common business queries and thereby present yourself as an expert in your field.

Step 2- Quality: The quality of the video reflects the quality of your business practice as well. If you are shooting a live action video with a camera, make sure it looks good enough for professional businesses to consider hiring you.

Step 3- Call to Action: The end of the video should have a call to action i.e. the action you want your viewers to perform after watching the video. Here are some pretty good call-to-actions that you can use at the end of your video to begin a conversion or a conversation.

      • Invite viewers to connect with you on LinkedIn (those who do would be seriously considering to hire an accountant)
      • Request viewers to hit subscribe for more
      • Make an irresistible offer like a free eBook on how to save a lotta tax, and give a link to it below the video
      • If you have embedded your promo video on your website homepage, then add a CTA button below the video like “Let Me Save Your Tax” or “Consult For A Profitable Business”. Statistics tell that after watching a promotional video, viewers are 85% more likely in the mood for a purchase. Ergo, having such CTA buttons will make it easy for the prospective clients to move on to the next phase of your sales funnel.

4. Video Enhances Your Online Presence For Customers To Find You Easily

Today, the buyer’s search for professional firms begins on Google. It’s the same for accountants. Your business clients look you up on the net.

Having a promotional video on your website and LinkedIn profile page can help you talk to these prospective clients, and tell them who you are and what value you can offer. Just like Mark Wickersham does in his website.

Mark Wickersham homepage video

The hidden opportunity video provides here, besides lead generation, is the increase in search ranking. Statistics tell that having a video on your homepage makes it 53% more likely to appear on the #1 page of Google and other search engines.

What’s more, video is shared 1200% more times than links and text combined. (Simply Measured) So sharing your promo video on the social media will help you come under the radar of new prospects quite easily, and quite fast as well.

5. Video Marketing Helps You Outshine Your Competitors

A decade back many accountants didn’t even have a website. So it’s not surprising that the majority of accountants and firms have still not caught on to the perks of video marketing.

Even if you don’t like the idea of crushing your competition through video marketing, the scary thing is that by 2018, 84% of all internet traffic would be video (Cisco).

By stepping into the world of videos, you will stay with the demands of the future generation. And, of course, you will be one step ahead of your competition too. In other words, you got nothing to lose, and everything to gain. Do the debit and credit on this.


As an accountant, your job is to save on the tax and deliver profit to your client’s business. But, what about your profit? Are you satisfied with your paycheck? Do you wish to work with big clients with big pockets?

Videos can help you with that, and more. We have the mentioned the reasons above. What’s left is for you to do the debits and credits on this, and make a profitable decision.

Just remember that videos can be a powerful ally for accounting firms and individual CPAs (certified public accountants). It gives you credibility, market presence, and the right to charge more for your accountancy practice. Start your video marketing influence today, before your competitor does.

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