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5 Successful Online Marketing CEO’s And What You Can Learn From Them

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We all have someone we look up to, someone we draw inspiration from. Idols and influencers that we follow to learn from or for direction and clarity on what we should do and what journey we may need to travel to achieve our goals. Or to save yourself from committing big mistakes.

Let’s face it. The digital world is quite unpredictable; it’s vast and ever evolving with new content formats, features and technologies (and let’s not forget the algorithm updates). One wrong step and your world (read “company”) may come crashing down.

To save yourself from the (t)errors of the web marketing, you might as well need a superhero too. A role model who can help you walk on the right side of that happy ending. Even if you end up making a mess out of things, you can always take some inspiration from the failures and successes of these Super-Entrepreneurs. Well, they don’t wear any fancy costumes like Hollywood’s superheroes but if you are feeling lost, these guys can help you get out of the rut and do great things, digitally.

Martin was recently seen talking about the advertising industry and its challenges. In an interview with the Advertising Week, he shared a very important lesson with us If you invest in innovations and brands you win.”

Sorrell offers us a reality check and at the same time, he doesn’t forget to remind us to stay prepared to beat the competition.

Sorrell’s own story began from buying a controlling stake in Wire and Plastic Products, in 1985. The same WPP is now a world leader in advertising and marketing services.

In 2016, Martin was named the second best performing CEO in the world by Harvard Business Review. Definitely someone worth following.

Jeff is the CEO of LinkedIn, the social networking site that offers a place for businesses to socialize.

Weiner stresses on the most important and ignored aspect of professional relationships: compassion. In his words, “Compassionate management, compassionate leadership is about taking the time to put yourself in another person’s shoes” and that better results can be achieved when leaders pave the way for employee’s growth.

A successful management and product marketing leader, there’s a lot to learn from him. We follow his Twitter handle religiously and are in love with this recent update.

Jeff Weiner, #MentorHer Campaign

For Brian, the key to work-life balance is: “working from home every Wednesday, and spending more time thinking about things rather than working too much.”

Brian Halligan is the CEO of Hubspot, a modern inbound software system which allows businesses to transform the way they market.

We highly recommend you to read the two books he has authored: : “Inbound Marketing” (with Dharmesh Shah) and “Marketing Lessons from the Grateful Dead” (with David Meerman Scott).

Also, find him here on Twitter.

CEO of Vaynermedia and VaynerSports, he is a man of multiple talents. A brilliant public speaker, 4-times New York bestselling author.

Also, we spend some of our time in stalking him on Twitter because he goes beyond the professional advice and offers us some personal insights too.

But that’s not all. On his website, you can find his blog and even his podcast where you can go to find your inspiration.

And here is our personal favorite: a Youtube channel #DailyVee where you can hear his thoughts and ideas on multiple aspects of the digital world and his life as a CEO.

CEO of Jeff Bullas Pty Ltd, this man has a lot of insights to offer on how the digital world works. We are in love with his blog which boasts of more than 25 million readers.

Jeff advises to “create content that touches hearts and minds.” He believes that the way to making yourself memorable is by adding unique value through content.

He has plenty of marketing advice to offer to new as well as experienced marketers.

Head to this link to find a webinar series with Jeff on “taking your business digital”.


The digital landscape is dynamic. Keeping up with every small change is difficult. Top that with the massive online competition and the digital territory becomes even more challenging.

That’s when you need a “professional uplift”. We believe that the people in the above list can do that and a lot more to help you weave a successful digital story.

So, what are you waiting for? Follow them right away… on their social profiles.


Deepasha is a visual marketer, founder of Crackitt, and a consumer behaviour aficionado. She helps businesses & organisations hone their identities, craft their brands, and share their truths using beautiful handmade animated videos and compelling infographics.


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