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Best Practices for Social Videos

Video marketing is the buzzword in almost every industry. As marketers continue to understand the reach and engagement value of videos, they are investing more in creating video content.

At the same time, social platforms are giving multiple options to these marketers to cater to their audience using videos. But to ensure that you make the most of your social video strategy, it is crucial to optimise for the specific platform. Here we will explore the best practices that you should employ in your social videos.

1) Facebook

Facebook Live
Facebook Live is a great way of inviting your audience to engage with your video content as your users receive a notification before your live feed starts.

  • Timing is most important when you’re planning a live video. Since live videos get a boost in the feed when they’re live, it is best to execute these videos at times when your audience is most active.
  • Use live videos to add a personal touch to your brand communication.
  • Try to acknowledge users as they interact with your video. This improves engagement.
  • Shoot live videos while connected to WiFi since it offers good video quality.

Mid-roll ads

  • Utilise the first few seconds of the video wisely.
  • Focus on storytelling than directly selling the product
  • Place your ads at the right point within the video so the pause is not awkward for the viewer.

In-feed videos

  • Use captions in your video as it boosts engagement. Make sure the video content is engaging even without the sound.
  • Since these videos are on autoplay (unless specifically disabled), the opening content should be catchy.

2) Instagram

In-feed videos

  • Use hashtags to boost the video’s visibility.
  • Keep the videos short so the viewer watches it till the end.
  • Make sure to have a strong visual appeal in your videos.


  • Use stories for sharing live video feeds
  • Give teasers of interviews, unboxings, behind-the-stage scenes in your video stories.


  • IGTV allows you to publish long videos of up to 1 hour. Use IGTV as a video channel wherein you can post a sequence of related videos.
  • Serve useful content (how-to’s, tips& tricks) through this space.

3) Youtube

Youtube video

  • Optimise the videos by filling in keyword rich title and description. Try to include the full transcript below the video.
  • Create compelling custom thumbnails to entice the viewer.

Pre-roll video ads

  • Catch attention in the first few seconds. Make sure to deliver the message within the first 5.
  • Craft a compelling CTA for your advert.


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