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Animated Explainer Videos

Attract. Educate. Convert.

60-90 second targeted marketing videos to help your business sell more!


With millions of content and abundance of competitors, today’s customer can be hasty. Instead, if you were to serve a 60 second animated explainer video, that would definitely break the ice.


An explainer video makes it easy to communicate your business process, benefits and brand vision. All in just a minute or two.


Explainer videos market your selling point with beautiful visuals and persuasive storytelling to set the mood for purchase. Or sign up for your free trial. Or whichever other call to action or ROI goals you are targeting for.

Types of Animated Explainer Videos


Business Explainer Video


Product Process Video


Product Prototype Video


Brand Story Video


Educational Marketing Video


Sales Pitch Video

Who loves animated explainer video?


Because reading through the product detail can be technical and time-consuming. Instead, explainer videos make the product understanding fast and engaging for all kinds of customers- the spontaneous shoppers, the value-seekers and the outsourcers.


Because time is money. And explainer videos carry a big ROI. Plus, having a video makes it easy to broadcast your product vision and value to the world.

Business Development Head

Because the explainer video can be an icebreaker. Having an explainer video on your homepage and email signature will help distill the product’s core offerings in the hearts and minds of the customers, and even get the ice-cold prospects to connect with you.

Marketing Executive

Because videos is the best form of marketing content today, and an explainer video will not only create customer engagement but can also generate tons of leads and sales enquiries.

Product Manager

Because an animated video can showcase complex processes and give an easy walkthrough of the product.

Where and how do you use an animated explainer video?



An explainer video sits perfectly in the homepage. Top fold is the ideal place to put the video because this way your site visitors won’t leave without watching the video. A Crackitt video with a well planned landing page can help you increase the visitor to leads conversion rate.

See case study of RankWatch homepage explainer video.


Social Media

Video posts create a ton of buzz on the social media. Using your animated explainer video on Facebook can help you generate tons of targeted leads, likes and loves. You can also use the explainer video as a YouTube pre-roll ad for brand awareness.

See case study of Cartridge Direct social media video.


Cold Pitch Emails

Generating business via cold emails is an art. There’s so much you want to offer to your prospects but writing long emails may not help you break the ice. Using an explainer video in your cold pitch email can help you say a lot about your business and create sales opportunities.

See case study of NotifyFox email marketing video.

How is a Crackitt Animated Explainer Video made?


Our time-honed video production process begins with understanding the client’s video requirements, product details and brand vision. We will also send you a Discovery Brief Questionnaire to grasp your side of story.


Our team of visual storytellers, conversion scientists and creatives sit together to sketch out ideas for the ideal script and storyline that will help us meet your video marketing goal.


Now we get the bigger wheels moving. We will serve you with the deliverables at each phase of production (link to a blog article listing the production stages)- from scripting, storyboarding, voiceover to animation and music. Your feedback and approval will be taken at each phase to ensure sleek and smooth video delivery.

Crackitt Payoffs

1. Best Price-Quality Matchup

We can create a bespoke 60 second animated explainer video for you at just AUD 3000-5000. Get in touch with us today and we can have a quick chat to discuss your video requirements and marketing budget.

2. Committed To You

Video production is not a one time job for us. We provide long term support to our clients. Whether you need to make a small change in your previous video or want a new video urgently, we can crack it for you.

3. Clear-Cut Design Thinking

No hand-holding required. We combine beautiful visuals with strategic storyline to create a big bang of sales for your business.

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