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Behind the Reels


SwiftComply had won a place in the prestigious Techstars accelerator programme in London and approached Crackitt to help them design an urgent explainer video for their Demo Day pitch. Only problem was that they had very less time for the big day.


Our creative team took the challenge to translate SwiftComply’s value proposition into a compelling visual story within 1 week of the video commissioning. We worked closely with Lindsey Nguyen, product head at SwiftComply, to deliver the video in time for their Demo Day pitch at Techstars London.

Video Script

Too much fat isn’t good for your body.

It isn’t good for the environment either.

Fat, Oil & Grease, or FOG, is cholesterol for our sewer systems.

To prevent sewage overflows, governments regulate restaurants.

And, it’s a hassle for them to be compliant.

That’s why we started SwiftComply!

We connect restaurants with vendors and regulators to streamline compliance.

Here’s how it works –

We notify the restaurant when a service is due.

They seamlessly book and pay on SwiftComply.

When the work is completed, we create and send a digital certificate to the inspector for verification.

It’s that easy.

No more paperwork. No more inspections. Guaranteed compliance.

Regulators also love us! Our real-time compliance map provides an overview of every food business in the city, allowing them to focus resources on the areas of greatest need.

SwiftComply –  we simplify environmental compliance for more sustainable communities.


SwiftComply Explainer Video Storyboard

SwiftComply Storyboard by Crackitt

Graphic Style

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