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Don’t Waste Money On Marketing If Your Landing Page Can’t Convert (Solution)

It’s not just you. Marketing has failed to deliver happiness to many businesses. One of those “marketing sucked for me” company is Dropbox.

Dropbox is in high demand now. But, in its startup phase, it struggled to makes sales. So they had hired an expert marketer, invested on AdWords, and designed landing pages to convert the traffic into paying customers. The process sounds familiar, right? You must have done something similar to market your product.

However, the result was a bit disappointing. Drew Houston, founder of Dropbox, revealed that they were spending $233-$388 to acquire a customer, and compared to their $99 product, this CPC (cost per acquisition) was too high for them to see profits.


Marketing helps you grab attention of potential customers, and drives them to your landing page. That’s where things start going wrong.

1. Your landing page doesn’t have the power to convert the incoming traffic into customers.

The information you provided in your landing page might be inadequate or confusing for your average audience to understand how your product works. How it fits in their lives? Dropbox had the same problem. At that time, cloud storage was a fairly new and complex concept. And, people were alright with their USB drives. People didn’t understand how and in which situation Dropbox would work. And, what you don’t understand, you don’t buy. Ergo, Dropbox’s marketing campaign was failing to generate ROI.

2. Your customers don’t spend enough time on your landing page to understand your product.

First they say they don’t understand your product and now when you are offering them your business information, they say they don’t have time to read! That’s quite a predicament, eh?

The average human attention span (8 seconds) is less than that of a goldfish (9 seconds). So, it’s not surprising for 55% visitors to leave your website in less than 15 seconds (Time).

These number suggests that your landing page needs some repair. Redesign it to grab your visitor’s attention the moment they land on your site and convert. The question is how?


Dropbox designed a new landing page with an explainer video in it (see image). That helped generate 10% more conversion, leading to 10 million additional customers and $48,000,000 in extra revenue.



Not just Dropbox but many other companies have seen their landing page perform better. Here are some case studies that reveal how adding an explainer video gives companies the horsepower to convert the traffic into customers.

Case Study

Rypple A/B Tested Three Landing Pages. The One With Explainer Video Converted The Highest.


Do explainer videos really boost conversion?

Rypple, a social performance management tool, set out to test it.

They prepared three different landing pages for A/B test.

  1. A standard landing page containing image and text.
  2. Another had a video testimonial from Facebook.
  3. And, yes, the landing page with an explainer video.


The landing page with explainer video generated 20% more conversion than the page with text+image and that with a Facebook video testimonial.


Emails are one of the best way to reach out to customers. For every $1 spent on email marketing, the average return is $44.25 (Capterra). However, a number of email sales pitch have gone wrong or don’t yield any results. If your email marketing strategy is not good, prospects might start hating you.

Most of the time they don’t even respond back (any feedback would have been useful for you to formulate a better pitch, right?). But, a large number of your prospects simply ignore your pitch just like Moz did (see image).


It’s not that Moz hates email pitches but rather their approach. Rand, the co-founder of Moz to which this pitch was made, flagged it as a “pester your potential leads until they hate you” approach.

Here too an explainer video can make your email pitch effective.

  1. Including an explainer video in an email increased the click-through rate by 200% to 300%. (Forrester Research)
  2. Using the word “Video” in subject lines boosts open rates by 53%

Case Study

Jelly Fish Won $800k Deal Via Cold Email


By including an explainer video in their sales pitch, Jellyfish, a freight management firm, was able to close one $800,000 deal in just 7 days.

Yes, it was a cold calling approach i.e. the client had never heard of Jellyfish. And, you know how these cold pitches yield just about 1-3% success rates of getting an initial appointment with client.

But, not in this case! Before the salesman at Jellyfish could send the follow-up email to get the conversation from their side going, the client reached out to them for a meeting and the deal was closed.

And, it was all because the client saw their explainer video, understood what Jellyfish did, what benefits it provides and therefore was interested in giving it a try.


Marketing and landing pages go hand in hand. You can’t ignore either of them. You do marketing and bring people to your website, and then your landing page converts those prospects into leads and customers. That’s how you sell. To amplify the sales from your marketing, you need to plan a conversion-focused landing page. The best practice is to use an explainer video. It can give your landing page the horsepower to convert 20% more, and thereby give a meaning to your marketing efforts.

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