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Five Kinds Of Videos Your Business Should Invest In

Online video content is booming. And the consumer is becoming increasingly dependent on videos for gathering information. To benefit from this trend, marketers are churning out a variety of video content to engage users at different stages in their purchase journey.

In fact, marketers who used video grew their revenue 49% faster than non-video users.

So the video is significant but some formats are more significant than other in terms of value. Here are five such kinds of videos every business needs:

1) Explainer videos
For a business to persuade their potential users to purchase their product, it is essential to explain how their product fits in the consumer’s life. That is where explainer videos are needed.

These videos work really well on website’s landing pages. In fact, these videos have helped multiple brands increase their sales in various ways.



Through explainer videos, businesses can explain a problem and present its solution. In fact, explainer videos can be a great alternative for the textual “FAQ” section of your website. Instead of resolving your user’s queries through textual content, you can weave the problem and solution into a visual story and present it in a more engaging manner.

So incorporate them in your marketing strategy to create a long-lasting value and for creating great first impressions.

2) Social videos
Social channels give a cost-effective solution to expanding your reach. So this is the video format every brand needs to find a wider audience for its content.

The huge demand for videos on these social platforms is a crucial factor that can work in your favor if you simply cater to that demand. Create native social videos (native videos on Twitter get 2.5x more interactions) and tap into the benefits of the algorithm’s preference for native content (Facebook pushes native live video format to the top of its news feed).

Additionally, social videos don’t need to be created from scratch, you can simply pick your existing video content and use it unless you are doing a live video.

3) Product videos
These videos are crucial for brands especially in the initial stages of marketing. These help consumer know about your product and its utility.

Product videos are not only useful in introducing your product to your audience but can also be employed to keep users informed about new product rollouts and/or feature upgrades.

In fact, teaser product videos are heavily used by brands on social channels to create excitement before product launches.



4) How-to videos
Your reader is smart. He knows how to tell the difference between promotional and useful content. And he likes to stick with brands that deliver meaningful information and not just advertise.

How-to videos are effective tools for achieving this goal. You can pick your consumer’s pain-points and address their concerns through How-to videos. For instance, an automobile company that writes about “How-to replace tyres on your own” or “How to keep your car in good shape” will get more content engagement than a company which calls itself the solution to all car problems.

5) Customer testimonials
A core metric which dictates a brand’s success is “trust”. This trust is what brings more users onboard and creates space for repeat purchases. Without trust, your brand cannot have loyal consumers.

Happy customers can help you spread your brand message. And this can be done with the help of customer testimonial videos. These videos mimic the effect of word-of-mouth. 64% of marketing executives believe that word of mouth is the most effective form of marketing.



Closing thoughts
When it comes to video content, businesses must ensure to use different types of videos for enhancing engagement at different stages. The above 6 video formats can effectively work in helping your brand boost its online reach and visibility.


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