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Pro-Speak: Interview With Gina Ramsey

"When used properly, social media platforms can serve as a brand builder, a customer service tool and a glimpse into the corporate culture of the business."

Tell us about yourself



Hello, I am Gina Ramsey, Vice President at Adventure Web Interactive. AWI is a full-service digital agency providing website design, search engine optimization, content creation, social media, photography/videography and PPC campaign for our clients. I have been with AWI since 2006.


Majority of us use social media personally – what is the biggest difference when using this for business?


You have to be strategic where and when you post. You have to pick the platform that your audience is using and publish engaging, interesting and relevant content for them to interact with.


Would you agree that social media isn’t about making an instant ROI and is actually about building a brand?


Agreed. Social media marketing is a marathon, not a sprint. When used properly, these platforms can serve as a brand builder, a customer service tool and a glimpse into the corporate culture of the business. It’s about opening up your company to the world.


Gina Ramsey- Picture Quote Crackitt


On which social media platforms it is best to run a video ad, an image ad and a GIF ad?


It depends on the audience and the product. There isn’t one solution for every business. That being said, video is king right now. If you are going to engage in social, you must have a video strategy for your products or services.


Why should business owners factor video marketing into their social strategy?


78% of people living in the US stream video. If you aren’t creating video content to appeal to that audience you are missing over 3/4 of the population. People want to watch videos over reading posts or viewing static images.


Any Social Media marketing prediction you want to make for the next 1 year?


I believe Facebook will lose traction among businesses due to the recent algorithm change and other platforms will benefit from this change. It’s not surprising that the majority of these platforms are becoming pay to play and that business owners are going to find creative ways to promote themselves. I think content is going to have to become much more interactive, with things like polls, quizzes, video and user-generated content to keep people engaged.


Can you give 3 hacks to our readers that they can self-implement?


Video, both traditional and live streaming video are something everyone can do right now. Also, messaging platforms like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp are going to help businesses develop relationships with clients versus pushing out content and hope someone gets engaged.


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