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Pro-Speak: Interview With Lee Dobson

"Consistency and patience. It won't happen overnight. Keep chipping away for the long term, you'll thank yourself later."

Can you give us a quick intro?

Hi! My name’s Lee and I’m the COO of Bulldog Digital Media, a digital marketing agency helping businesses around the world to succeed online.


Let’s talk about Video SEO. How would you explain it?

The goal of video SEO is to get your video content featured at the top of search results for a users’ search query be it on YouTube or Google.


Can you give 3 hacks to our readers that they can self-implement?

  1. Ensure your keyword research is tight! If you’re relying on video to be a big source of traffic to your website then you need to ensure the content you’re creating is worth the effort. If the aim of the video is to generate more business, then target buyer intent keywords. This is going to give you the best traction. Use tools to help decide which main keyword you should base your video on.
  1. Using YouTube? Make sure you optimise your channel too. Create a great banner; fill out with as much information as possible. It’s all a number game so you want to create subscribers along the way too. This is a great way to promote to a community of subscribers who are interested in what you have to say.
  1. Have a collection of videos? Another top tip is to utilise playlists. This can help watch time and engagement which helps with ranking your video as Google can understand the value of your content.


Lee-Dobson Interview Quote Video SEO


As an SEO expert, what kind of pages do you think need a video? Why?

Landing pages, 100%. Video content is not only engaging but it’s a great way to sell your product or service. Improving your dwell time on your website will also have a positive impact on your website’s ranking position too.


According to Video SEO, which kind of video can be called an awesome video?

A video that not only answers the user’s question but is also engaging, clear and has a clear call to action.


Any quick takeaway to conclude with?

Consistency and patience. It won’t happen overnight. Keep chipping away for the long term, you’ll thank yourself later.


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