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Pro-Speak: Interview With Matthew Vazquez

"Just like Geo-Local content works incredibly well on Google, the same rule applies for Video SEO."

Please introduce yourself and your brand


I’m Matthew Vazquez, CEO and Founder of Next Level Digital Marketing. Our Agency is a pioneer in Digital and Social Marketing. We are a Results-Focused and Data-Driven Agency. We leverage data and technology to achieve the best results for our clients.


Let’s talk about Video SEO. How would you explain it?


Video SEO, like traditional SEO, is a form of distributing information to serve a strategic purpose to a targeted audience. Unlike traditional SEO, Video SEO has many spectrums of difficulty, implementation, and longevity – factoring in many creative elements to appease and stimulate a visually demanding audience.


Can you give 3 hacks to our readers that they can self-implement?

Matthew Vazquez Interview With Crackitt

Just like Geo-Local content works incredibly well on Google, the same rule applies for Video SEO.


  1. Create location-specific videos about your service. This may mean you create 10-20 of similar videos (1 video for each location), however with the right descriptions and content, your video will rank organically on Google for a Geo-Local search too!


  1. Have a strategic plan for Keyword Density in all your video descriptions. Just like regular SEO, don’t stuff keywords, but make sure your keywords make up about 5%-10% of your Video description.


  1. DON’T POST YOUTUBE VIDEOS ON FACEBOOK! This may seem like a no-brainer, but almost 90% people do this, and it’s killing your Facebook SEO. Upload your video to Youtube, Vimeo, and Facebook all separately, and vary keyword dense descriptions for all 3 uploads. This is powerful when done right because now you’ve 3X your SEO potential.


As an SEO expert, what kind of pages do you think need a video? Why?


Media rich content is the future, so every chance you get create a video and place it everywhere applicable.


According to Video SEO, which kind of video can be called an awesome video?


It has to add value to the end-user, while also serving its purpose as a tool for business. So here’s a simple receipt: Entertaining, Clear Message, CTA, Short.


Any quick takeaway to conclude with?


Video is a volume game. However, quality and messaging play a huge role in the long term success. So, create as much as you can without sacrificing quality and don’t forget that it needs to add value.


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