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Pro-Speak: Interview With Payman Taei

"Don't just do what others are doing unless you know you can do it better."

Please introduce yourself and your brand


I’m Payman Taei, founder of Visme. Visme is one of the leading online Visual communication tools that is empowering non-designers to create interactive Presentations, Infographics, Visual Reports and social media graphics right in their browser with the ability to share and present online or download for offline use.


How will you explain Content Marketing?


I define content marketing as the ability to indirectly sell and promote a product or service through valuable content and information that drive market awareness and engagement for the brand it is created by.


Why do you think so many businesses struggle with content creation?


There is simply too much content out there these days and a majority of content is at or below average which in today’s competitive content landscape does little to nothing for your business. To excel you need to create value that others are not able to create; finding a void to fill.


Payman Taei Interview by Crackitt


How would new technologies like VR & AI impact content marketing?


They can help to bring a new angle to traditional content marketing. There will be a lot of VR and AI that will likely fail to make a positive impact but the few that do will help transform it from what we know as content marketing today.


One advice you would like to give to anyone starting content marketing?


Find your voice, your passion and become an expert in it. Don’t just do what others are doing unless you know you can do it better. Be consistent because when done right; it can take months to produce noticeable results and will consistently bear fruit long-term


What should be our biggest content marketing goals to achieve for 2018?


I don’t think it’s going to be any different than prior years. Create great content that gives value to your audience. At the end of the day, if your audience doesn’t benefit, your content will do little for you. 


Can you give 3 hacks to our viewers that they can self-implement?


Hack#1: Be consistent and have patience.


Hack#2. Look at what your competitors are doing; then step back and figure out how you can do it better or find a different angle that will generate higher value.


Hack#3. As you write more content; step back and analyze which produced the highest engagement; find the common denominator and do a lot more of it.


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