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Animated Explainer Video Pricing Simple Fixed Pricing With Everything Included!

  • Script writing – Our team will write your script
  • Custom graphics – We create all graphics from scratch
  • Animation – Animated by our in house experts
  • Pro voiceover – Choose from our range of artists
  • Sound effects – SFX to bring your video to life
  • Direct expert contact – Speak with experts at each stage
  • Dedicated Account Manager – Your own personal support
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"As a new business animated explainer videos are the perfect way to tell our customers what we do. Crackitt fully met the 3 needs we had - speed in development, engaging content and value for money."

Howard Lewis, Advisor

"Team Crackitt was very hands on during the entire process of explainer video creation – from understanding our requirements to delivering the 60 second explainer video within 1 week of commissioning! From the onset, the team was highly responsive and diligent when incorporating our feedback in the production"

Lindsey Nguyen, Product Head

"We had a great time working with the team at Crackitt. They actually got down to the core of what we do and created a great explainer video and other visual creatives for us. We highly recommend them."

Sahil Kakkar, CEO

"We have collaborated with Crackitt for a series of projects now, including one explainer video pitch, and I have been happy with the way they incorporated our priorities and vision in their process and delivered us a great work on time."

Tejesvi Veerepalli, Executive Assistant

“The explainer video has become an important tool for getting our message across, especially at meetings and for investor pitches.”

Dijana Dawe, Business Development Head

"This was my first time working with Crackitt and it was a real pleasure. I had a clear vision of what I wanted our video to look like and Crackitt's design team were able to reproduce this very accurately! They were very careful in developing a product that was closely aligned with our brand identity, and it has been very well received within our organisation. It was very easy to communicate with them and they responded very quickly to all my emails. They delivered on time and were flexible when it came to making changes and modifications throughout the entire production process. I highly recommend them!"

Ana Gonzalez Hernandez, Resource Efficiency Consultant & Commercialisation Manager

"Thank you very much for the video you created for us in a recording breaking time! It was executed far better than we imagined. We couldn't have dreamed of something better! Thank you very much and I hope to do business again in the future."

Daniel Bader, Surgical Theater

Had the team at Crackitt make a learner video for me to explain my campervan business. They did such a fantastic job with the video, couldn't be happier with it and can not wait to start using it! I highly recommend the Crackitt team if you are wanting a professional job!

Jonathan Readhead, Managing Director of UGO Rentals Ltd

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