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Animated Video Process

At Crackitt, we are in the business of increasing conversions. What that means is we are here to build a product that not only looks pretty but influences buying decisions.

It takes us roughly 5 weeks to get you a video that makes you go “Aha”.

And, this is how we do it.

We have worked with Crackitt on 3 videos now. Their process is seamless. We know what we have to do at each stage so there is never any confusion. And they keep us posted all through the process. No stress!

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Step 1 - The Ideation Stage

This is where we talk to you about your product/ service. We spend hours with you (and without you) to uncover your unique value proposition. This means multiple discussions with the right people in your team, demo sessions of your product and often accompanying your sales person. We stop at nothing till we get to the bottom of what you really are about. And that’s when we are ready to write your story.

Step 2 - The Concept Stage

Now that we know you very well, we are ready to work on a concept. Our visualizers and copywriters get their heads together to work on a high-converting script and concept.

This is what your target audience will hear at the end of it all. So we make sure its one strong story.

Step 3 - The Visuals Stage

Once we have your message ready, we get down to creating some pretty sweet visuals. Basis your brand’s unique identity, we work on the storyboard and style frames. This is where your video begins to come alive. So it’s a pretty emotional step. No jokes.

We don’t compromise here and nothing goes ahead till you are happy. This is almost always when our clients fall in love with us.

Step 4 - The Audio Stage

By this time we are almost ready to enter production. This is when we find the perfect voice to bring our script and story come alive.

The right voice can evoke the right emotions. And we get you one.

Step 5 - The Production Stage

Now is when we dive deep into production. Our illustrators create neat graphics and our animators breathe life into them. Painstakingly each frame is built and crafted together to become your own special video.

By this time you are generally all restless to start marketing your video already. But nothing is done till the music is done.

Step 6 - The Music Stage

Music is the soul of life. Or video. This is that cherry on the cake that quadruples the flavor. So it pays to be patient with this stage.

By now we are almost done.

Step 7 - The Delivery Stage

Everything comes together. You make the final payments and get not just a brand spanking new video but a detailed list to help you market your video all over the World Wide Web.

Phew. Now that you are thinking all that in only 5 weeks, let’s talk about how we can build you one!

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