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21 Royalty-Free Music Websites: Get Free Music & SFX For Your Video, App & Game

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Music triggers emotions! From presenting the vibe of a scene in your video to affecting the way your audience perceives the information shared in such visual media content, music does it all.

Studies have revealed that the type of music an audience hears influences their mood at the end of that tune. So if your content is well planned, you can even dictate your audience’s next steps in the funnel as well. Yes, that’s the power of music. The music you choose can make or break your audience’s interests and buyer intent. Ergo, the necessity to incorporate the right music in your films, explainer videos, apps, and games.

However, good music comes at a price!

Professional music companies charge anything between $60-$100 for producing just an eight to ten-second audio clip which may not even fit your video or other media project.

Thankfully, here’s a list of 21 hand-picked websites providing royalty free music clips for all niches and situations.

1. Storyblocks Audio

Storyblocks Audio

For creators constantly looking for new royalty free music to accompany their content, this is paradise.

The website has a collection of more than 100,000 tracks categorized on the basis of different genres. So, whether you need music for your brand video or for your daily YouTube vlogs, this website has it all.

Also, the website has no download caps, which means that you can download and use their music as much as you want.

The listings on the website are continually updated assuring its users a fresh set of tunes whenever they need.

All of this starting at prices as low as $8 a month.

2. AudioJungle


This is one of the most economic royalty free music resources on this page.

With a collection of over 840,000 tracks crafted by their dedicated community of musicians and sound engineers, AudioJungle stands tall as one of the largest ‘royalty free audio’ banks available online.

From pop to heavy metal. Soft rock to hip hop. Clean vocals to instrumental tracks, the website provides all of it with a starting price of just $1. Plus, AudioJungle offers monthly freebies for all premium users, including royalty free music, video effects, stock footage, 3D assets, stock photography, etc.

Also, you can sell your own tracks via Envato Market. It’s rich with over 35,000 artists creating different types of content required for various projects.

3. BeatPick

BeatPick front page

One of the easiest to access websites providing royalty free music is BeatPick.

Its classic layout makes it super easy to navigate through thousands of music tracks that you can license individually after listening.

The main page of the website has a mini player that lets users filter their search results based on genre, mood, vocals, etc.

Also, you can create, save and share your beatlists including your hand-picked beats for listening/licensing later.

BeatPick 1

Bottom line, this website provides royalty free music for websites, films, radio, TV, documentaries, slide shows, presentations, games, DVDs, mobile devices, public space diffusions, video art, art installations, and web episodes.

That’s what its header says.

4. PremiumBeat

Premium Beats Homepage Shot

Super easy to navigate, PremiumBeat lets you find the music that you are looking for; easily.

Their ‘curated by music experts’ royalty-free music library provides the premium feels that are generally experienced while working with big production houses. Guess, they make sure they justify their name.

And to add to the greatness,  this website is free from clutter. Its signposting is super clear. All buttons as evident as they could be providing you right what you need in the least number of clicks.

The website is backed by Shutterstock and so it’s trustworthy and highly qualified.

The cost of tracks for a web-based license (that is standard and non-commercial) is $49. To use these audio clips for your revenue generating content, you’d need to pay $199.

5. Pond5


Marketing itself as the “world’s largest collection of royalty-free stock video and creative assets”, Pond5 is one big player owning the arena of royalty-free creatives.

With over 500,000 tracks covering everything from adventure to orchestral. Meditation to war. Hard rock to soft pop. And classical to hip hop, this is the place for satisfying all your royalty free music requirements.

The website offers you individual tracks starting from around £16 each. Depending on your requirements you can also buy pre-purchased credit bundles or their monthly ($200) or annual ($1,000) memberships.

6. MachinimaSound

Machinima Music Library

Another easy to use website providing a large variety of royalty free music clip options to choose from is MachinimaSound.

With a number of music tracks for all moods coming from different genres, MachinimaSound has beats to accompany most types of visual content. So, whether you are developing a game or creating an explainer video, here you can find a great deal of copyright free music.

The icing on the cake: It won’t burn a hole in your pocket as most of the tracks are available for as low as $8.

7. CCTrax


Easy to use. Rich with royalty free music from an array of genres. Great navigation. Brilliant site layout presenting all the important information right in front of the eye.

What else can one ask for?

Also, the website has a small widget in the right sidebar ranking various albums present on the site based on their popularity for the ongoing week. Plus, the advanced search feature lets users sort music by license, genre, tags, artists, and labels.

8. Soundstripe


While a vast range of royalty free music tracks is something that most websites have, a Soundstripe membership provides users access to unlimited licenses to their hand-picked music collection.

With a user interface as smooth as that of Spotify, Soundstripe makes life easy for creators looking for quick music production solutions. However, this certainly isn’t your cheapest bet. A standard unlimited Soundstripe membership costs $135, which may not be too expensive, but isn’t the cheapest either.

9. Music Vine

Music Vine

“An oasis to the beautifully produced music for film and video…”

That’s what the head of their website says. Following the same, the website is rich with some beautifully composed music that you can use for your videos and movies. The only problem that one may have to face is the shortage of tracks.

Music Vine was founded in 2015 due to which its repository is limited to a total of 2062 tracks from 146 recording artists. Thankfully, this doesn’t mean their music isn’t good. Their artists produce tracks featuring “real performances, real instruments, and real emotion.”

Speaking of pricing, $40 is what it costs to license music for a single web project with an audience of less than 1 million (fit for corporate and YouTube videos). The price goes up to $334 when your audience is supposed to be more than 10 million.

10. Artlist


Offering an aesthetic touch of art incorporated with an extensive list of cool indie tracks, Artlist is your perfect go-to for licensing music for video, film and YouTube.

Also, going with the name, the website has a really artsy collection of royalty free music which is super easy to navigate with the smooth user interface. Plus, the site allows you to pick songs based on your video’s duration and the tempo of your choice.

This just eradicates another obstacle that you might generally have had to face while finding free music.

The unlimited license plan giving access to complete catalogue with YouTube monetization checked music is priced at $16.6/month ($199/year).

11. Filmstro


An instructional video on the products page. Price packaging menus dividing customers into personal, freelancers and companies. Affordable price range starting from $9.99/month for personal and freelance users. Filmstro provides it all.

This site features a good range of tracks from a variety of artists and genres fit for a variety of situations in videos, films, games and apps.

12. Productiontrax


Productiontrax is a community of creatives producing brilliant royalty free music, sound effects and stock audio that can be used again and again without any copyright issues.

One major problem that most users my face is its browsing experience that may not come off as very aesthetic in the first go. However, the overall functionality of website is spot on with a simple search bar and categories divided in the basis of genres, artists, labels, etc.

The prices of these tracks range from $15 to $60.

13. Jamendo


With clips for a number of themes categorized into twenty genres and various instruments, Jamendo is full of royalty free music.

The website is easy to use with a simple homepage directing users to ‘START’ with the paid or free plans.

The website has a total of 222,101 tracks to gel with all types of multimedia projects including videos, games, films and documentaries.

Per track prices start from $9.99.

14. Amazon Music

Amazon Music

Who doesn’t know about Amazon being the e-commerce giant that it is?

With all the fame and credibility that Amazon has grown up to, quality comes as given.

Songs are listed simply as singles and albums that you can pick from. While the range of tracks may not be all fancy with the current repository consisting of only 1019 royalty free tracks, the low prices can make your day.

On Amazon music, you can find beautiful tracks for as low as $0.99, which is certainly the cheapest on this list.

15. Purple Planet

Purple Planet Music

Like their name, the website is also purple, resembling a planetarium.

As you may want to pick music depending on the feelings that it poses, the tracks and genres are divided into what the music sounds like or how it makes the listener feel.

The website also has a free section featuring music perfectly suited for accompanying YouTube videos and small commercial projects.

Moving further, the paid content on the site isn’t expensive either. You can buy a standard license for as little as $5. However, an unlimited license will cost you $40, which also won’t break the bank considering its usefulness.

16. AKM Music

AKM Music

For every creator looking for royalty-free clips, AKM music is a super easy to navigate and super fun to explore website offering music from various genres.

The website provides a search box. However, if you want to explore the site at your own pace, you can browse it by moods and genres.

The prices range from $20 for royalty-free tracks to $47 for album downloads. Definitely economic for getting album downloads provided the quality music that this site provides.

17. Amazing Music Tracks

Amazing Music Tracks

From the most common free music tracks to the latest and rarest licks and riffs, the website offers all music production solutions.

The bummer for personal and freelance users here can be the subscription price.

Prices starting at $119.95 per month for 5 tracks and going up to a whopping $399.95 per month for 40 tracks, make Amazing Music Tracks fit for large enterprises looking forward to generating great ROIs against their multimedia content.

If you’re a freelancer or individual, other options on this page can help you better.

18. Hooksounds


With over 100,000 creators using their royalty free music for one purpose or the other, Hooksounds enjoys a decent fanbase.

The best thing about Hooksounds is that their artists are hand-picked by their team ensuring the utmost quality. Plus, the music availed from here is free of all copyright boundaries and hence can be used in ‘n’ number of ways and ‘n’ number of times.

You can explore the site based on genres like ‘Guitar’ and ‘Ukulele’ or artists of your choice.

A standard license can cost around $24 which is why it is apt for freelancers and vloggers. The price for a Premier Broadcast license for TV and radio projects goes up to $580.

19. Partners in Rhyme

Partners in Rhyme Home page

This is one of the oldest, most reliable and easiest to use websites offering a myriad of royalty free music clips to choose from.

The website has been functional since the year 1996 and unlike most royalty free music companies it doesn’t ask users to submit cue sheets or report to any of the performing rights organizations. Which is great.

Also, the homepage mentions the procedure of finding and licensing music on the website into easy steps.

Prices for music albums start from $99 and go up to $129.

20. Freeplay MusicFreeplay Music

Freeplay music is another vast royalty free music library offering a wide range of select loops, beats, riffs and licks.

With over 50,000 songs free for YouTube videos and other multimedia purposes, this website can satisfy most of your music needs.

The user interface is spot on with the most popular tracks listed right on the front page. Users looking for more options can browse through genres, playlists and artists on the website.

The most basic plan costs $50. For other high-end plans providing more features like a TV license, the prices go up to $500.

21. YouTube Audio Library

YouTube Audio Library

Available to every YouTube creator, YouTube Audio Library is a collection of royalty free music clips for various situations from different genres.

The search functionality allows users to sort music by genre, instrument, duration, attribution, and even mood. Also, one can consider exploring the popular music section (it’s the best with all the latest tracks).

To access, just log-in to your YouTube account and go to Creator Studio > Create > Audio Library.

Wrapping Up

While getting awesome music for your multimedia projects is crucial, buying premium music every time can drain you off of funds. No wonder why most companies dig royalty free music like anything.

In this post, we have shared a list of 21 websites providing royalty free music fit for all kinds of video or app media projects of any business niche. If this has helped you, share it with your friends and colleagues who may find it useful too.


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