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You know what’s a better strategy than video marketing? Nothing.

The online landscape is swamped with video content. And despite the overflow of videos, it is still the most favorite format of online consumption. On Youtube, around 5 billion videos are watched daily. Move onto Facebook and about 100 million hours of video content is consumed in a day.

All those numbers and data make video marketing a favorite amongst the marketers too. Let’s dive deep into the various reasons why there is no better strategy than video:

1) Video offers a good ROI
When companies allocate their budget and resources to any particular strategy, they aim a good return on their investment – it makes sense, after all, to invest in something that helps them achieve their business goals. Video is one such format that offers a good ROI.

And especially when it comes to videos, video ads and explainer videos stand out. Explainer videos help reduce bounce rates and improve conversions. On the other hand, video ads help generate awareness for your brand. Here is how you can generate massive ROI with video ads.

Screen Shot 2018-10-25 at 9.50.25 PM

2) Better SEO
Having a video on your site can boost your rankings in the SERP. Additionally, with search engines prioritizing video content, it makes sense to place videos on your site pages.

According to a Forrester study, sites with video content on their pages are 53x more likely to rank on the first page of Google, the same page that receives almost 93% of the clicks.

3) Explainer videos work well on landing pages
Explainer videos on landing pages work well in increasing conversion rates. In fact, they can improve the conversion rate by an average of 20%.

To ensure that your explainer video helps you bring the right results, create a compelling story that causes people to take the desired action on your site. Like Dropbox did with this video.

Screen Shot 2018-10-25 at 9.54.41 PM

4) Social videos help you gain exposure to a wide audience
Social videos offer a cost-effective way of creating video content and expanding your user base through a variety of platforms. In fact, social videos go a step ahead in adding that extra layer of engagement by providing multiple formats – think Facebook Live, IGTV, video stories, pre-roll ads etc.

5) Videos help you build trust and better customer connection
Customer loyalty is the essence of successful marketing. Without having people vouch for you and your brand, you cannot distinguish your brand. Through impactful storytelling in videos – customer testimonials that act as personal recommendations, explainer videos that simplify your business, video interviews that educate your consumer – these can build the foundations of customer loyalty for your business.


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