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8 Visual Content Marketing Blogs That Are Better Than The Rest

As visual marketers, we understand the need to create digestible pieces of information to keep our audience hooked. At a time when trends go in favor of everything that is “visual”, it makes sense to employ strategies which enhance user experience.

In fact, that’s the principle we follow in our own lives too. We love attention grabbing reads that update us on these dynamic shifts or at least point us to the exact places where we can find our fill.

So, here is a list of top blogs which will keep you updated with the visual industry trends:

Tubular insights

The visual industry is video dominant and this trend is here to stay. This is what puts Tubular Insights on the top of our list.

Tubular Insights

Tubular offers “Global cross-platform video intelligence” and since they gather all this data through first hand analysis, their social video ecosystem insights are reliable and exhaustive.

And “insights” is not limited to social video study, it spans all categories of video marketing intelligence in one blog. Mark it as your go-to place for stats, news and everything else.


This blog offers you every possible visual checklist that you should refer to.

We love the fact that they go beyond the general tips and offer an extensive guide on using different visual content types in marketing.

Not just that, they give an amazing route map on creating different buyer personas thereby helping you to market accordingly.


We all know Canva as a tool that helps create amazing graphics. But very few of us are aware of their blog where they have gathered a pool of visual tips and tricks.


Their blog explores various case studies of individual and and brand successes which talk about creative routes to creating visual stories.

Additionally, the blog offers you quick tips on creating a strong brand voice through visual imagery.


If you are looking for some amazing content marketing inspiration, CoSchedule is one great blog to go to. And they talk about visual aspects frequently.

Their blog posts offer an extensive insight into trends and brand case studies.

Since the blog deals with a lot more things than just visual marketing, be sure to put the specific visual term in the search box.


For detailed video insights, Wistia is the place to be.

Their learn section boasts of a blog, a library, some video inspiration and webinars; each category offers you a combination of tips, tricks, stats, case studies and a lot more.

Plus their own brand stories inspire you to experiment more.




Keeping a track of stats and trends can be done with a simple click getting out of your creative rut is a challenge.

And this creative rut isn’t just limited to writers or designers, marketers face it too.

This is when we turn to Venngage’s blog. They offer various unique visual ideas to implement in marketing presentations and content strategies. Find them here.


Buffer is a social media management platform. But that doesn’t stop it from creating informative and amazing posts on things outside of social media.

For some out of the box thinking and killer ideas for visual success, we would want you to bookmark their blog and absorb everything they have shared.

Also, you need to follow the same trick: filter results for “visual” in the search box. We have done it for you here.

Social Media Examiner

As the name implies, the blog talks about social stuff.

And this makes it the best place to find visual inspiration for social platforms.

It examines the relationship between content and social interactions and helps you devise the best social strategies.

To perfect the art of social storytelling, do a visual specific search in their custom search box.

Social Media Examiner

Before You Go

Is there any visual marketing blog you are following? Give us a shout in the comments below.


Deepasha is the founder of Crackitt and a consumer behaviour aficionado. She helps businesses & organisations hone their identities, craft their brands, and share their truths using beautiful handmade animated videos and compelling infographics.


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