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4 reasons you should consider spokesperson videos

Videos are powerful storytellers. Because of their ability to combine sound and visuals in the same content, they help in knitting stories that create more impact than sound or visual or text could do, in isolation.


And when you add a new element to this combination of visual and sound, you can reap better rewards; the element being a spokesperson.


Spokesperson videos are an optimised video model for their ability to project brands as more human. By giving your brand a face and a voice, you can eliminate the communication gap and build better relationships with your audience.


Still not convinced? Here are 4 reasons you should start using spokesperson videos for your blog right away:


  1. Narration coupled with body language helps build trust

The impact of your video is usually governed by the visuals and the voiceover. And both these elements play a crucial role in your video’s success.


But a video presenter adds the element of ‘body language’ to amplify your video message as the presenter can emote the message in a way which is most familiar to your users.

Screen Shot 2018-04-16 at 7.31.37 AM


With the introduction of body language to the video, the core message is delivered properly. And since a face gets associated with the ‘claim’ your video is making, people trust it more.


Studies show that the ‘honesty’ in a message is better judged through the face while tone of voice helps judge deception. Since a spokesperson video combines both, your message becomes more credible.


  1. Video presenters in landing page videos can reduce bounce rate

Videos on landing pages have shown to perform well, increasing conversion rates by up to 80%. But not all landing page videos deliver great results.


Here’s when video presenters offer you an edge. Since this format is not very common and even a little unusual at the moment, it offers you a unique way of engaging your viewers and making a better impact.


Here is how you can use spokesperson videos to reduce page bounce rates:


  • Write optimised scripts for your video. Remember to include your target keyword in the script as a transcript with the keyword has a higher probability of boosting your video’s visibility.


  • Choose the right spokesperson for your video. Find someone whose tone of voice, body language and even dressing style are in tune with your brand image.


  • Your video’s success largely depends on the presenter. And various factors go into it. From the presenter’s accent accessibility (people should be able to understand the narration) to his placement to his body language, everything matters.


  1. Spokesperson videos let you use the power of ‘influencers’


unnamed (1)


Influencer marketing isn’t just strong with Instagram or Facebook but Youtube as well. In fact, you will find a lot of product reviews, testimonials and tutorial videos with popular Youtube faces as the presenters. And this influencing power is worth tapping into.


Influencer marketing positively impacts the purchase decisions because of the relatability factor; consumers relate more to the emotions of fellow consumers than actual brands. So it makes sense to use these influencers as the face and voice of your video.


People trust word-of-mouth recommendations 90% more than they would trust a brand’s own message. This is where the influencer’s peer to peer influence tactic outperforms other sales strategies.  


  1. Spokesperson videos are useful for reviews/demos

Videos come with the option of multiple styles. Having a spokesperson for your video increases your list of options. You can incorporate interview videos in your strategy. As in a podcast, you can then invite influential people in your niche to become a part of it. This improves networking and boosts visibility.


Also, interviews and even customer testimonials can become more meaningful if a presenter is included in the video.


In fact, videos that are based on product reviews and demonstrations become much more engaging with a video spokesperson. Again, the trust factor is enhanced because you don’t just see a process, you see a person carrying out that demo and giving an explanation to it. This creates a similar effect to a friend recommending a product/service.  


Closing thoughts

To leverage the power of video, it is crucial to tap into the power of choice that video offers; including a web presenter being one such choice. Video spokesperson can enhance your video’s message through communication elements like body language, gestures, tone etc. And this strategy allows you to onboard influencers who can take your video strategy to a higher level thereby improving your customer relationships and boosting the quality of ROI.


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