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How To Plan A Great Storyboard For Your Video Success?

Storyboards are a crucial factor behind video’s success because they form the basis of visual storytelling. By allowing you to project your visual thoughts on paper, they help you bring down production errors in the later stage by enabling you to visualise the story beforehand. Additionally, they don’t require you to be skilled at drawing meaning that anyone can do it.

Storyboards are simply a rough representation of ideas. When put to use properly, they can result in amazing stories.

Storyboards – Tracing the History
Storyboards have been used in video production for a long time now. But before they became an integral part of brands’ marketing strategies, they were already being employed in film production. Walt Disney created the concept of storyboards in the 1930s as a way to create more coherent stories.

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This process then became an integral part of visual storytelling. And as visual content continued to gain more significance in marketing strategies, storyboards became relevant for businesses as well.

Storyboarding: The Process
When you are planning to create video content, always start with a storyboard. One of the biggest mistakes companies make while planning their videos is that they get straight to the filming.

Storyboards should always precede the filming process. They should be used to create a blueprint for your final video meaning that it should include all major story points, characterisation and the flow. Additionally, your idea should be scattered over a number of storyboards to make your story more meaningful.

To put in brief, storyboarding means you visualise your idea and then give it a physical shape. Your storyboard should not just include the characters, it should involve details that surround your story – the dialogue, location, timing etc. This helps you bring down the effort that is otherwise required in polishing the video in its production stages. If you don’t invest the time in storyboarding, your video content and quality may suffer a great deal.


a>Wrapping Up
To ease your storyboard creation, start by using pen and paper. Don’t complicate your storyboard design by introducing high-end raw materials. And especially if you are starting out, stick to the basics. Storyboarding can be challenging but it is a fun and creative way of devising stories. Think linear and ensure that your ideas make sense when put next to each other. If you execute the pre-production visualisation properly, your storyboards can help you lay the foundation for successful videos.


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