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5 Outstanding Examples Of Videos From The Health Sector

The health sector is constantly evolving. From small changes in medicine composition to robots performing surgeries; the evolution is diverse. And there is a greater need to pick the right content format to reach target audience effectively.

This is where videos come in. Not only are they the most preferred content format at the moment, there seems to be no saturation in future. By 2021, 80% of internet traffic will be video.

And hospitals, health care, child care centers know that by translating this video demand into supply, they can gain better visibility.  

According to Google Think, 1 in 8 patients have watched online video on various health sites. So it makes sense that the healthcare industry is turning to online video to create better engagement.

Here are 5 outstanding videos from the health sector we absolutely love:

  1. OnLife

When OnLife approached IV to make an explainer video for them, IV decided to take a different route to make the video more relatable.

Since the target audience was C-level executives at big companies, they needed to weave a story which delivered the message, while still being relatable. So they went back in time to tell the story of visionary Wright brothers to make it more appealing to its viewers, who were visionaries themselves.

  1. Oscar Insurance – Insomnia

What could a health insurance company do to get customers without bothering them?

Oscar Insurance chose the short form content route and to make the story engaging, they relied on an explainer video.

In a 15 second video, their idea was brought to life through simple animation and a sweet story that advises you to not bother your cat but your doctor, when you are sick.

  1. CRC Health Group: Health And Welfare

This video presents some scary health stats and then moves on to present a very heartwarming solution; a solution which aims at changing one life to create a series of chain reactions which can bring a positive health impact in the whole world.

We love the way this video moves through various backgrounds, without creating a visual hiccup. Also, we love how the colors change dramatically to foster hope.

  1. Arc Health

Arc Health uses this video to introduce its insurance program which rewards people for improving their health.

We think that this is one such explainer video where the idea takes the cake.

  1. Philips HealthSuite Personal Health Programs

Plus One created a campaign film for Philips to introduce their health programs which help users set new goals, track progress and make better health decisions.

We love the fact that this video talks about the pain points and the solutions within 80 seconds, without missing out on the core idea.


Every industry knows that there is a constant need to adapt to the changing dynamics, both online and offline.

And the health sector understands this too. They acknowledge the role of videos in dispersing the information to the target audience; an audience which is as diverse as the health industry is.

The result? Outstanding visual stories that go beyond marketing to impact people in a more noble way.  


Content Strategist at Crackitt


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