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How Visuals Can Work Wonders For The Health And Weight Loss Industry?

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The online marketing trends show a constant shift towards video marketing and the healthcare industry is embracing this change.

In its content creation, the health and weight loss industry needs to ensure sensitivity. Since most health-related searches stem from stress or concerns arising from one’s own or family health issues, it is important to remember that the information is delivered in the right tone. And this gets trickier when you are relying entirely on text. With text, it is easier to get caught in the web of words.

This especially holds true for health centers focusing on weight loss marketing campaigns. It is easy to say something that creates a “negative body image” effect; one big reason why this industry is now heavily dependent on visual content.

Additionally, textual statements like lose weight in 30 days with this diet routine gain more trust when people can see the results visually.

As per PwC, of all the individuals viewing healthcare information on social media, 24% now rely on health-related videos/images posted by patients.

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Let’s find out how visuals can work wonders for the health and weight loss industry:

  • Bupa UK

Bupa has got its video marketing strategy on-point. On their Youtube channel, they can be seen experimenting with video content. From knitting stories of owning the dancefloor at the age of 60 to weaving a tooth-fairy tale, Bupa shows how a health insurance company can go beyond promotional content and connect with people through emotionally compelling stories.

This Bupa Tooth Fairy Film boasts of more than 1M views.

  • Weight Watchers

PwC goes on to tell us the information on social media influences patients’ decisions and persuades them to seek a second opinion or choose a specific provider, particularly for people who are coping with a chronic condition or managing their diet, exercise or stress.

Weight Watchers utilized this social power.

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With a Facebook page that boasts of 2.6M likes, Weight Watchers have found an effective way to engage their audience. On their page, you will find them using all kinds of visual content. From client testimonials to food preparation videos, Weight Watchers are preparing the perfectly healthy recipe for social success by showing us that weight loss doesn’t have to be a scary process.

  • HuliHealth

HuliHealth aims at connecting people with the best doctors. They tap into the power of explainer video which you can find on website’s landing page. (Did you know that explainer video on the landing page can boost conversions by 80%?)

HuliHealth Video Banner- Crackitt

Additionally, the website contains small visual details which eliminate the monotony of text and make the page design appealing.

  • Equinox

Health industry is flocking to Instagram. A tag search on Instagram for healthcare will reveal more than 1M posts.

The healthcare marketing on Insta relies completely on visuals. Various brands and even individuals have utilized the platform’s visual appeal to create great results. Motivate your audience through healthy and crispy quotes, showcase real results through images or videos.

This simple technique earned Equinox 186k Insta followers.

Equinox- Weight Tips Crackitt

Before you go

The health and weight loss industry has eliminated communication gaps by bringing visuals into the picture. The healthcare sector alone now relies on the power of visual marketing. Look at mental healthcare service providers, weight loss centers, health insurance sector, child care centers; all of them rely heavily on visuals; mainly because it helps them strike the right chords and create a more personal connection. Because in this industry, eventually, it is trust that drives better results.


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