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9 Experts Who Know All About Video Excellence. We love them!

There is an ever increasing demand for video. Cisco’s predictions reveal that it will comprise 80% of the total internet traffic by 2021.

So it makes sense to delve deep into the world of video marketing to find the key to multiple doors of opportunities that videos bring with them; be it appearing on the first page of Google search results or increasing organic traffic to your website.

The internet is full of video marketing blogs which can help you bring a strong online presence with videos as your ladder.

But then there are experts who give these strategies a more personal touch because they talk about the power of videos with so much passion.

Here we give you a list of 9 experts who talk about various aspects of video marketing. Find them, like/subscribe/follow. We recommend you to keep them only a click away.

Chris Savage

We love Wistia and also its CEO, Chris. He can be seen sharing and liking some really inspirational stuff on Twitter (yes, we stalk).

He often shares his ideas and also his savage thoughts on his Medium blog which you can find here.

Chris Savage

Tim Washer

This man deserves to be on the top of this list because we believe that the amount of talent he has, cannot fit in one person.

A successful writer, a stand-up comedian and a video producer; he is capable of infusing humor in everything he does.

There’s a lot of tricks you can steal from him. Personally, we enjoy his blog.

Mark Robertson

For all things video, Tubular Insights is your guide. So it goes without that saying that its founder, Mark, has an extensive knowledge of the video world; he can often be seen talking about video’s role in SEO.

Here is his author profile on the blog.

Jeremy Vest

Founder and CEO of the video marketing company Vidpow, Jeremy, can often be seen giving video marketing tips and advice at big conferences.

You can find him here on Vidpow’s Youtube channel.

James Wedmore

With his strong expertise in video production, James can give you great tips on generating sales through videos. And he also talks about the less discussed topics: webinars.

We absolutely recommend you to subscribe to his channel right away.

Brian Dean

Inc. calls Backlinko’s founder Brian Dean, the most sought-after SEO expert.

He has written some very insightful articles on video SEO especially Youtube’s SEO. Now Youtube is something you cannot ignore since it is the second largest search engine and Google (which is first) gives preference to the content posted on the former.

Brian Dean

Follow him on his Youtube channel here.

Tyler Lessard

You can hear Tyler talking about video data and analytics most of the time. Being a CMO at Vidyard makes you thus.

A contributor on Vidyard, Tubular Insights and MarketProfs, he knows all there is about video excellence. Follow his tweets here.

Jeroen Wijering

He is the man who created the open video architecture JW player. If you don’t know what JW is, we think it would suffice to tell you that they work with giants like ESPN and PBS and their player formed the basis for the first version of Youtube.

Labelled as a video pioneer, hear his thoughts on optimising videos for mobile devices.

Joe Pulizzi

Founder of Content Marketing Institute, Joe offers an in-depth insight on the role of content in the marketing world. And that’s not all, he also talks a lot about videos as well.

Joe Pulizzi

And here is the place where he pens it all down.

Before you go

These are some of the top experts from our list and we would love to add more to it. If we missed anyone, please leave us a comment.


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