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[Case Study] How An Explainer Video Helped RankWatch Drive 27% More Conversion?

Explainer Video Style: 2D Animation | Length: 98 Seconds

RankWatch Explainer Video

“We were looking for at least 10% hike in free trial users but the Crackitt video raised signup rate by 27%. Kudos for that. Another good thing is that the explainer video makes our SaaS solution look more approachable and friendly.”

It’s no secret that a well-made explainer video can boost conversion and sales.

RankWatch was particularly impressed by how the explainer videos of Dropbox and Rypple helped them acquire more customers.

RankWatch was looking for a video agency which could help get them similar results.


A) RankWatch Explainer Video (90 sec)

  • Marketing Plan Strategy: Replace the homepage banner with the video to quickly let first-time visitors understand what RankWatch does and increase the visitor-to-lead conversion rate


  • After adding the explainer video on homepage, RankWatch saw an increase in customer signups by 27%.
  • Also, their site’s bounce rate dropped from 62% to 35%, helping them rank higher on the search engine.
  • It also got viral over Facebook, generating 48,000+ ‘likes’ over a single day.

B) RankWatch Short Video (30 sec)–  We made a short 30 sec explainer video for RankWatch to be used for YouTube and Facebook advertising.


Our Crackitt team met RankWatch in early January.  The brief was clear: deliver a successful explainer video which ups RankWatch’s conversion by at least 10%.

After 3 weeks of caffeinated nights, our team was ready with an animated explainer video that captured RankWatch’s core business offerings in 98 seconds.

By the end of the month, the video was featured on RankWatch’s main landing page with a brand new design.

And, it got them results: the bounce rate reduced from 62% to 35%, and best of all RankWatch saw a 27% hike in free trail users. It was more than they had asked for.


Softwares do intimidate people but that’s not the only reason for the 62% bounce rate RankWatch saw on its homepage (our explainer video will successfully reduce it to 35%).

RankWatch, we discovered, is an online marketing platform that helps agencies, brands and solo entrepreneurs to elevate their online presence with ease.

This was how RankWatch looked when we met them.    

RankWatch is big.

It is home to not one but over a dozen powerful features that empower their clients with actionable data points on important metrics like rankings, traffic, competitors, and everything related to Search. But the “8 second human attention span” thing caused visitors to quickly lose interest in the software information and distracted them from discovering RankWatch’s awesome features.

Our explainer video was going to grab their attention and excite them to click. And convert.


Step #1: Describing RankWatch In Few Sentences

At Crackitt, we don’t begin the production process until we have a clear picture of our client’s business and can describe that picture in one or two sentences.

So we immersed ourselves in RankWatch, played with the awesome tools on their Dashboard, namely Keyword Research and Hidden Opportunity. We totaled the discovery process with the following lines:

RankWatch is a cloud based Organic Marketing Intelligence Platform that helps agencies, brands and solo entrepreneurs to elevate their online presence with ease.

RankWatch is home to not one but over a dozen powerful features that empower their clients with actionable data points on important metrics like rankings, traffic, competitors, and everything related to Search.

Best of all, they even help their customers see the “blind spot” i.e. new areas of opportunities to help grow their business. It’s something that not even Google Analytics provides.”

We also got to know that RankWatch even tells you what keywords to bait your money on for higher Google rankings and successful digital marketing.

That’s a really nifty service considering you don’t have to waste money promoting the wrong keywords for your PPC campaign, backlinks and other SEO efforts.

Step #2: Who Were We Making The Video For?

In order to develop the video, we needed to understand RankWatch’s target audience for whom the video was being made.

So to gain insights on the customers of RankWatch, we got ourselves an interview with the Business Development manager at RankWatch who gave demos to the registered leads, and discovered that a majority of their target audience had little knowledge of keywords and all they wanted from RankWatch was to help them do their marketing right and get high search engine rankings.

Of course, the manager said, RankWatch also had customers who were experts in the field of SEO. And, these customers could see the value of RankWatch without an explainer video.

With this analysis of the target audience, we decided to develop a simple explainer video that avoided technical jargons and focused on positioning RankWatch as your friendly SaaS solution which empowered you with the data and tools to do your digital marketing right.

Step #3: Developing The Explainer Video

On the basis of our understanding of RankWatch and its target audience, we wrote and rewrote the video script and then sketched out the storyboard to go with it.

We involved RankWatch in this process and according to their feedbacks we made the necessary changes in the script and storyboard.

The approved storyboard was then animated to produce the explainer video, and then after some final touches (which involved mainly sound effects and background music), we delivered RankWatch its brand new explainer video.


A month later we heard back from RankWatch.

That email made our day. 27% more conversion was cool, especially when you consider RankWatch’s huge traffic.

Moreover, they also informed us that the bounce rate, which was previously 62%, had reduced to just 35%.  Nice.

For the maximum conversion, we had suggested RankWatch to put the video on top of their homepage just where their old banner sat. RankWatch went a step further and redesigned their homepage.  

So this here is the new RankWatch. We are also happy to see that the character we designed for the explainer video has found itself a place as RankWatch’s mascot.



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