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Explainer Videos For Healthcare: How To Get It Right



The medicine and healthcare industry faces a unique set of challenges when it comes to marketing. Explaining the related jargon can be quite difficult. Additionally, it is a subject where facts rule the roost. . Hence, crafting content can be quite tricky.

As per a report by Leverage Marketing, about 48% of users in the age group 18-24 go online to research their symptoms. This value is around 40% for those aged between 25 and 34.

With more and more consumers looking online for healthcare resources, it has  become important for the healthcare sector to shift its focus from traditional offline advertising to online marketing. At a time when internet largely impacts consumer behavior, it becomes even more urgent to establish an online presence through crisp and engaging content to stand out from the rest.

Here is when animated videos can come in handy.

Animated videos can serve multiple functions. They can be used to explain procedures to the patients, prepare them for their treatment. In fact, explainer videos can also be used as a great tool to educate the beginners.

However, when making videos it is essential to send across the right message.

So, here is how you can ensure a successful foray into animated videos:


  • Make sure your video strikes an emotional chord

The healthcare sector needs to use a careful approach when creating videos for their audience. As a healthcare brand, you are addressing sensitive pain points: illnesses, pain, life and death.

So when you are creating your video, it is very important to pay attention to all the details. From visuals to the voice over, your videos should exhibit care and compassion.




Your message should resonate with people on a personal level. So everything counts. From the way you show it to the way you say it.


As a healthcare company, your focus should never be on being salesy. If you take out the personal touch factor, your video comes across as an advertising tool and that can backfire.


  • Find out what style works best for you

77% of the patients look for information online before booking an appointment.

Explainer videos can be used to earn the trust of your audience. For the healthcare sector, this comes as a blessing.

However, it is crucial that you choose the right video style.

Suppose a mother looks up for a day care information online. Would she be more convinced about your services if she saw whiteboard animation or a live video?

Picking the right style for your explainer video helps in adding value to your claims.


Style governs the outcome of your explainer video. Be careful in choosing the explainer video format.


  • Eliminate the jargon and simplify the product/service

Whether you are using explainer videos to explain something to your audience or you are offering tutorials to medical staff, it is crucial to focus on simplifying the message.

You can use videos to address a variety of topics. It can range from seasonal health tips to the latest advancements in medicine.

The healthcare industry is diverse. Whether you run a medicine store or a hospital, you can rely on explainer videos to explain an idea or concept to your viewers.




Try not to overwhelm your viewer with too much information. Focus on making your explainer video simple.


  • Get your timing right

While talking about how to get your explainer videos right, it is important to optimise the video length.

60 seconds is the sweet spot for most. But explainer videos can range anywhere from 30 seconds to two minutes. The right timing for your video is the minimum time required for you to deliver the message.

Here is how Oscar Insurance does it in under 15 seconds (no rushing, no dragging):



The length of your video depends on the information you are presenting. If you are re-purposing research findings into a video, you can finish up your video in a 30-60 second duration, highlighting the important aspects. On the other hand, your video can be longer if you are introducing a new concept.

Here is a 4 minute video we made for Apollo:



The length of your explainer video directly influences user engagement. Keep this in mind while creating it.

For any form of content to work in alignment with your goals, it is important that you pay attention to what your audience demands.

As a healthcare provider, you need to emphasise on creating content which is backed up by strong facts. Another important thing to remember is that your content shouldn’t be too complex. Remember, if you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough. And that’s not the impression you would want to create.

While creating explainer videos, make sure that you optimise the content, timing and pick the right style.



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