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Why You Should Be Using a Video Hosting Provider If You Are Serious About Video Marketing

You have a great marketing plan. You are sure about its popularity and acceptance among prospects. The magic will work if you decided to publish it through a video rather than state it in simple words.
After uploading and publishing the video on your site, you are flooded with viewer reviews. Gladdened by the impact your video has been able to make within hours of publishing, you start running your gaze through them.
Instead, you are welcomed by negative responses. You have been criticized for posting a video which
takes a lot of time to load on mobile devices
Stops running after being viewable for initial few seconds
Flickers and freezes intermittently making the watching experience a disastrous one
Never starts playing in the first place and viewers get to see only a stoic black placeholder
Has been crippled by its dragging length
Would you allow your time, efforts, and money invested in preparing the video to go down the drain?


Further, you stand to lose opportunities to
Engage customers in more informative way
Ramp up your brand identity and credibility
Build a vibrant user community
Provide better analysis of how your product/ service transform lives
Earn recurring revenues without any further delay
Promote yourself as niche authority and thought leader
However, don’t let your spirits droop! The solution lies in ‘EMBEDDING’ the video on your page rather than uploading it.


Why embed your videos?

Before digging deep into the reasons, let’s talk about video hosting service providers.
YouTube, DailyMotion, Vimeo, Wistia, etc. are popular video destinations wherein you can create your channel and safely upload your videos. This is irrespective of the size of your visual content. You would be provided with an embed code statement at the bottom of the video. Copy and paste it into your webpage. Your video would appear on the exact location and play seamlessly without any hiccups. What pulled this trick off?
Streaming of the video is being done from hosting service provider’s server rather than your site host’s. Here lies the defining difference.

Advantages of availing the services of a video hosting site

An array of fantabulous benefits would render your decision to opt for a video hosting medium a rewarding one.

Bring down your hosting expenses.

The platform that hosts your site offers you limited download allowance. If you exceed this limit, you have to shell out additional charges. This gets reflected in the form of thinning bottom line. With third-party host, you can significantly reduce hosting cost.
Video size depends on
Quality which is a most for sending your message in an immersive manner
Length which allows you to put forward all your views in one comprehensive package
With a host coming to your rescue, you need not compromise on any of the fronts above. Your videos are being hosted on host’s server, so your allotted download limit never gets exhausted even after multiple views.


Ramp up the quality of your videos

Your videos would succeed in their mission if they can persuade leads to subscribe to your services. This depends mostly on how inspiringly you have portrayed service benefits through motion pictures. Video hosts allow you to publish HD (High Definition) videos and broadcast them in high fidelity.
This means you can
Post videos (720p/1080p) whose size may run in few GBs
Post longer videos to encapsulate relevant ideas in a single shot
Benefit from capacious servers of host designed for serving 1000s of videos/minute
Remain immune from video lags that can occur due to non-strategic geographical location of your site host’s servers (achieve 5000-8000 Kbps streaming rate with video host)

Add edge to your SEO prospects.

Once you have created your channel on popular hosting site, you also stand to benefit from the native viewership of that host. Your search engine result page (SERP) ranking would leap significantly because of
Rating, liking, and searching of your video by non-niche audiences
Better brand awareness
Higher traffic experienced by your site due to link-backs posted on host’s channel
Correct indexing of your video by search engine crawlers


Get over the top of bandwidth restrictions

Your site host provides pre-determined bandwidth based on the plan you have subscribed for. This means, the server
Can’t handle multiple, simultaneous requests for video streaming
Would run out of resource limits sooner
May have imposed size restrictions for videos which you cannot violate
Would create lags initially and then would crash your site
Would make it a tedious job to back up all your crucial videos
Would create additional challenges for those viewers who have slow internet connections
Such nightmares would be things of the past with a third-party video hosting service provider.

Steer clear of the file format confusion.

HTML5 web pages have no uniform code for video formats which all major browsers have to adhere to. Resultantly,
You have to develop multiple copies of your video with various file extensions (.mp4 for IE, webm/.ogg for Firefox, etc.).
You have to work out a way to upload large video sizes after the tiring conversion experience.
You would also need concise, low-resolution videos for mobile audiences
You would require relevant third-party plug-ins to ensure videos run on different platforms
You have to constantly battle with the issue of remedying different playback qualities on various browsers
Luckily, you can get rid of all these with a video host.

Address the issue of video piracy decisively.

If you want to keep your video content safe from illegal distribution, you need to prevent its download. The embed codes offered by video hosts carry the source code link in an obscured manner which cannot be deciphered easily. This makes it impossible to download your copyrighted content.
By now, you must be appreciating the wonderful benefits that would come your way through video hosting providers.
If you want to see your brand reputation grow and its outreach strengthens through compelling videos, you need to ally with third-party video hosts.
Before concluding, I am stating few staggering facts would help you justify your trust on video hosts.
About 1/3rd of internet users are subscribed to YouTube
About 45% internet users spend more than an hour per week watching relevant videos
YouTube registers >500 million video watching hours every day
Video uploaded on third-party hosts per month exceeds television content developed for US TV networks in past thirty years
Video marketing has brought unalloyed success for >87% online sellers
Top video hosts experience uploading of 72 video hours per minute
85% of online marketers’ experience revival of their business fortunes within one month of intensive video marketing through third-party hosts
Demographic section (25-34 years) splurge the most after being inspired by marketing videos


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