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This Is How These 7 Brands Utilized Visual Content effectively

Of all the information that is processed by our brain, 90% is visual. Therefore, it doesn’t come as a surprise that more people absorb visual content than they take in text-heavy content.

2018 is the year of innovative visual content, and everyone is getting in on it! Visual content marketing had started blossoming in 2015-2016, but now more and more brands are dipping their toes in, making use of the best new visual formats and getting brilliant results from them.  

The companies that want to boost their engagement should come up with a perfect combination of visual aesthetics and text with a punch.

Visual marketing process should always align with the brand identity and vision. The social media feeds of some brands seem to be all over the place, as they connect neither to their brand nor to each other. Few other brands seem to have found their flow and are able to drive people to their content again and again. Few of those brands are mentioned below:

Dollar Shave Club

In a world where being geeky is equivalent to being cool, comics are one of the more effective ways of conveying your message visually.  Even though many brands go down the illustration path, Dollar Shave Club added the element of storytelling by posting funny, relatable comics and creating a platform for engagement.

Visual Content Example- Crackitt

Takeaway: Illustrations, on their own, can be quite effective in getting people’s attention. Comics take it up a notch by telling stories that add a dash of humour to your brand content and work brilliantly as visual driven content and aid in boosting engagement.


Digging up the past from the archives can throw a whole new light on the history of the brand. Shiseido rarely posts pictures of their products; instead, they post Japanese posters and vintage graphics. By showing the customers glimpses of their rich culture, they communicate rather than sell.

Shiseido Visual Content Example

Takeaway: By posting vintage mood boards and posters, one can share their history with their customers and connect on a deeper level.  A vintage graphic is a simple yet classy way to pluck the nostalgia cord in some, and to be aesthetically pleasing for others.


If your product itself can become a medium of creativity, why not use it to your advantage? Introduce the world to the many different creations that can be achieved by using the products. Play-Doh displays adorable characters and scenarios to make interactive content.

Playdoh Visual Content Example

Takeaway: Understand the creative potential of your product and explore the variety of ways in which it can be exhibited. Teach and inspire people of all ages to broaden their spectrum of creativity. Making the posts fun and interactive can be a driving force in increasing engagement.


Everlane gives a new twist to the traditional method of producing designer clothes, and it also showcases the talented craftsmen in their visual content. In fact, socially charged brands can easily be inspired by them. In a campaign such as #FactoryFriday which was launched this July, where the employees are shown holding their creation in their hand, the brand has effectively sparked user engagement.

Visual Content Example- Everlane

Takeaway: Instead of selling your products, tell the stories behind those hands that created them. Put the employees and the artisans at the center of your content strategy. It can make the brand much more personable, while this inspirational approach sets them apart from all of the similar brands.


To show your creativity, sometimes visuals aren’t enough – a little textual aid is required. Bringing the perfect amalgamation of visuals and texts, the brand showcases its out-of-the-box concept in different forms, from images to products.

Visual Content Example- Story

Takeaway: Sometimes it’s enough to let your brand talk for you. With concepts and visuals that stand out, one just needs to put their own products in the limelight to drive engagement. Products with relatable typographic elements on them would not only sell more but also attract potential followers.


GoPro is a firm believer in developing a community of adventure seekers, whom they later convince that GoPro is essential to their journey. Being one of the first people to introduced outsourced content, it can follow the same principle on Instagram by bringing together and featuring different visuals supplied by fans.

Visual Marketing Example- GoPro

Takeaway: Build a community by intertwining the brand with their common interest, and focus your brand on the content generated by them. A community of fans brings in more engagement and the potential to expand the brand’s reach.


Another great way of creating a unique brand identity is to feature something they would definitely be familiar with, your logo. MailChimp does this perfectly from time to time posting customized content with the image of the monkey in their iconic logo in different surroundings. It not only brings out an immediate wave of familiarity, but it also shows the fun, entertaining side of their brand.

Visual Marketing Example- MailChimp

Takeaway: While your content should be strong and useful on its own, it’s good to have a break in the flow by introducing fun elements once in a while. You could follow a theme or play the familiarity card, and the audience will be both engaged and entertained.


With the help of visual marketing, a brand can connect with people and gain many loyal supporters. To beat the competition and stay relevant, brands have to work harder to keep coming up with new, innovative visual cues for their content. A few things for developing brands to keep in mind are:

  • Always choose original graphics and raw images, instead of stock photos
  • It’s okay to follow the trend and use memes and videos as long as they are relevant to your brand
  • Stick to the visual identity that you create for your brand, as it becomes easier for people to familiarise themselves with it

Use visual content to make people want to know more about the brand, and for them to think about your brand while making their next purchase!


Deepasha is a visual marketer, founder of Crackitt, and consumer behaviour aficionado. She helps businesses & organisations hone their identities, craft their brands, and share their truths using beautiful handmade videos and compelling infographics.


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