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When Brands Come Forward To Save The (Earth) Day

If you look at memorable brand stories, you will find a common link amongst them; these stories don’t just focus on consumers but also the environment that impacts them.

And while a lot of brands have incorporated measures that protect the planet, there is one day when they all come forward to share their stories and at the same time, spread awareness. On 22nd April every year, which marks the Earth day, brands extend their environmental responsibility, sometimes by getting their customers onboard to join their green efforts, sometimes by making them think of their own responsibilities towards saving the mother nature.

Here we have collected some such stories of how various brands go on to save the day:

  1. Kahina Giving Beauty

Kahina Giving Beauty gives people more than one reason to celebrate the Earth day with them, the four reasons being:

  • Certified organic and natural formulations
  • Recycled and recyclable packaging
  • Preservation of Moroccan Argan Forest
  • Donation of profits for a good cause

In 2017, they donated 20% of every purchase of Moroccan rose water to a non-profit foundation that aims at establishing development projects in rural areas of Morocco.

Kahina ‘Giving’ Beauty lives upto its name by giving back.

  1. Pfizer

Pfizer doesn’t just work at improving human health with its medicines but also dedicates every day, including Earth Day, for enhancing environmental health. They consistently focus on reducing their waste and utilising renewable energy sources.

In 2015, Pfizer marked 5th anniversary of their green journey with a Twitter post that consisted of this visual:

pfizer earth day infographic


With this, they have not only showcased their Earth-friendly motives but have also displayed an on-point social strategy.

  1. Enesys

Enesys is an Australian-based company which is dedicated to saving the planet through its sustainable technologies.

At Enesys, every day is Earth Day. Each project at Enesys is focused on achieving the objective of creating the best ecological solution.

Take their recent enhanced greenhousing project which brings together various industries and encourages them to use each other’s waste products. Result? Not only does the waste get minimised but the energy produced from it is used to fuel the power generation in greenhouse systems to enhance vegetable growth. Isn’t that great?

  1. Apple

Every year, Apple makes a new promise on Earth day. Back in 2014, they took a pledge to reduce their carbon footprint.

And since then, Apple has emerged as a leading player in sustainable initiatives. Apple is now 100% renewable in 24 countries (update: renewable in 43 countries as of 2018)

We absolutely loved their 2016 campaign where they posted a video to celebrate Earth Day. The video says: “Every time you send an iMessage, you show some love for the Earth”.


  1. Lauren B. Beauty

We love Lauren B. Beauty for their Earth Day celebration that not only focuses on the environmental concerns but takes a step forward to address them.

In their awareness campaigns, they started out by informing people about how a nail polish counts as hazardous waste. Also, they asked people to bring their old nail polishes (of any brand!) which they later recycled and/or disposed off safely. And that’s not all. They also offered people a free Lauren B. nail perfecter base coat in return of their old nail polish products.

But their efforts weren’t just restricted to a single day, they now carry out these recycling events at least once a month.

Closing thoughts

For brands to reap actual rewards from their Earth day campaigns, it is crucial for them to stay actively focused in addressing environmental concerns, not just on Earth day, but every other day of the year.

Earth day, this year, is dedicated to changing human attitude and behavior about plastics. So let’s make a pledge to reduce, reuse and recycle plastic products and do our bit in eliminating these materials that threaten the survival of our planet.


Digital Strategist @ Crackittt. Yay.


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