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Whether you are a Home Repair, Car Repair or a Cleaning Service Provider, You need to start thinking video. Here are 4 proofs.

Videos are a dominant content format right now. The ever increasing consumption of video content is being met by an increased supply.. across all industries.

Yes, it doesn’t matter whether you own a home repair or a car repair business, video is relevant; video isn’t bound by industry or even platforms. Videos can be tailored for any audience, any social channel. Additionally, videos do not suffer from the attention span problem (at least the kind of videos your business needs, don’t).

In short, videos break the “it won’t work for my business” cliche.

Here are 4 proofs we have handpicked for you:

  • 80% of users recall a video ad they viewed in the past 30 days

Because of the highly visual and auditory nature of videos, they are easier to absorb and hence remember. So brand mentions in video mean that people will remember you.

Video Results


So it makes sense to invest in video advertising because it puts you on a level field against the brands which are already utilizing the “recall” factor of videos (it gives you a good edge if other marketers in your industry are still shying away from video).

A memorable recall leaves the space for potential lead generation and sales.

Think video… think video ad.

  • 51% of marketing professionals claim video as the type of content with the best ROI.

One thing that makes video so great is its ability to generate massive ROI.

Because video comes with the opportunity to track success through various metrics, it offers a great way to fine-tune the content to create more engagement. And better video strategies create better return on investment.

While video demands a significant investment compared to other forms of content (though DIY video is relatively cheaper), it reaps equally fruitful rewards.

  • Placing a video on a landing page can increase conversions by 80%

An explainer video can be the perfect solution to the conversion problem.

Take the case of Dropbox. They saw a 10% increase in signups after putting up a business explainer video on their website.

Create an animated explainer video for your business and place it on your website’s landing page to introduce your business in a more engaging way.

  • Case study #ErictheCarGuy

Meet “Eric, the Car Guy”. This Youtube channel has more than 1M subscribers and a collection of over 800 videos.

The channel is run by Eric. Eric worked professionally as a mechanic earlier and turned to video production as a hobby. In 2009, Eric decided to combine both and turn them into a Youtube channel which is now regarded as one of the top automative channels.

Eric Car Guy Video Channel


From how-to repair DIY videos to creating a killer street machine, his channel talks about everything automotive.

And if you are thinking that his videos work well because of great effects, know that his success relies entirely on his content. That’s some inspiration for you right there for making video on a budget.


At a time when the appetite for video content is high and also growing, plus all the stats going in favor of this content format, it isn’t a good idea to shy away from investing in video. So whether you are a small, big, local or global business, video is definitely both user- and business-friendly content type.


Content Strategist @ Crackitt


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